We’re two twenty-somethings who met at an interview and joked that if we both got accepted, we would become best friends and turns out, we did. We both moved to Cleveland, OH to join startups as part of the Venture for America Fellowship and both adopted plants and constantly talked about how happy taking care of something made us. 

A few months later over a glass of wine celebrating a raise, Jubilee was born! We want others to celebrate the process of growing up and for us personally, working long hours isn't sustainable without creative outlets such as planting, painting, and taking time for ourselves. 


We believe that a well-balanced life involves healthy responsibility and making time for yourself to recharge. We're finding joy in life through planting, crafting, and giving ourselves a little TLC. :) We're a community of plant lovers who love natural beauty products, supporting women-owned businesses, and creatives. We hope that Jubilee helps you feel loved, fills your home with life, and brightens your day. 


Liv and Casie, Jubilee Cofounders.